Our vision is expressed in the 10 Sprengers Industrial Interim Management & Consultancy statements.


√ There is no difference in profitability between industry branches, only between businesses.


Industry branches are dominated by businesses that are most profitable.


√ In times of an economic slump and crisis, the differences in profitability between individual businesses within an industry branch are most significant.


√ Profit and growth are the most important indicators of corporate success.


√ Successful businesses have a clearly defined strategy and their organisation is better geared to their strategy.


√ Profitability is the result of strategic and organisational strength.


√ Successful businesses are managed by ambitious and innovative managers who pass on strength and self-confidence to everybody who is involved in the business.


√ Successful businesses attract creative, ambitious and committed employees.


√ The employees of successful businesses are more intelligent and see more career perspective within “their own” business than at competitors.


√ Managers and employees of successful businesses have more imagination, oversight and peace of mind and they consequently see more opportunities and will be more inclined to take new directions and accomplish objectives faster than the employees of their competitors.

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