Sprengers Industrial Interim Management & Consultancy temporarily assumes responsibility for the performance of management positions that have a direct effect on the continued existence and the result of a business. This regards line positions at executive, tactical and operational level. Our consultancy expertise is used to provide all levels and sections of the management with advice, elaborated in specific plans with which the position of the business is strengthened in the industry branch and on the markets where it is active.


We are engineers and exact scientists with an academic background in business administration or business economics who have demonstrated the ability to create the link between exact knowledge and technology on the one hand and the real economy on the other hand. The emphasis is on transforming technological vision and technological actions into profitable products and strong organisations.


We (usually) focus on internationally operating businesses that add value to the business processes of their buyers, and thus generate turnover and profit for themselves, by developing and applying technology in their products.


“Tech” businesses are usually active in an industry branch and on an associated sales market that is often characterised by extremely turbulent dynamics.


Finding an equilibrium in these dynamics imposes high demands with regard to the strategy to be pursued, the organisational structure and the way in which business processes are geared to the factors and the mechanisms that together form the force field in which the business operates. This equilibrium requires a stable management foundation that is characterised by oversight, self-confidence and peace of mind.


We use our knowledge and experience to broaden your management foundation, as a result of which it becomes easier to find the equilibrium. We help you make difficult strategic decisions (production location, outsourcing, product development, etc.) up to and including the implementation of these decisions (organisation and supervision of the export department, sales department, etc.).


After we have completed our work, not only will you experience more oversight, peace of mind and self-confidence within your organisation, but your business will also be stronger, more commercial and more profitable than before.


If you realise that we, Sprengers IIMC, can give added value to your business that is, perhaps, of crucial importance but you do not think that you can afford it, we would like you to consider this: if you believe that your business is worth being lifted to a higher plan or perhaps even being saved, then convince us that it is worth the investment. In that case, we can conclude an EPIM® agreement with you. We participate in the share capital and the management and contribute to the growth and profitability of your business.

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